July Studio: Doodle

Tue, 2019-03-05

Abstract prints are my favourite. I started out my print journey when I created abstract prints for the first time while doing my FYP and it stuck with me since then. I was really excited while creating this. Wiggly strokes dancing around, it was initially done in fatter and thicker strokes - which I found a little too overbearing. 

Regrouping my thoughts, I went back to marker bush and paper. Looking at the blank canvas, I drew the wiggly strokes in my own mood before creating the final piece.

Remember that friend who could doodle cute little figurines in 3 minutes, while you could only managed scribbles or stick figures? Doodles may not necessarily meant those cute little figurines or characters. It could be a reflection of your thoughts, a scribbles of words, a mark of crayons, a pen-down of your mood. A manifestation of what your heart is telling you.

So let your heart guide you through and doodle away.

Doodling away,

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