July Studio: 芳(fang)

Mon, 2019-01-21

With 芳(fang), I was a little hesitant in creating it as I found it as a challenge to create floral prints that I really liked. Most of the floral prints around are always so dainty and feminine which didn't resonated well with me. I always saw these fresh blooms as something colourful, vibrant rather than it being dainty and frail like how many floral prints reflected them. 

But nevertheless, as it was for a launch in lieu with our Lunar New Year also known as the spring festival, I decided to dive into creating a floral print simply because it was just so appropriate.

Initially, I used to ideas of creating petals and leaves shapes coupled with line art for the print, but it didn't turned out to be something that I wanted or liked. So I scrapped that idea and search for some inspiration. So I went back to doodling on pen and searching for images of flowers in my little gallery of pictures. 

While visiting one of my favourite painter, Wu Guan Zhong's exhibition : Expression of Pen & Palette at the National Gallery, I was intrigued by his clever use of colours to paint how something so minimal and abstract but yet at the same time, realistic. One of his painting reminded me of petals on branches, which from there on, 芳(fang) was created. 

I created the 芳(fang) print for our 芳(fang) Midi Dress in White and Navy, and used the elements of the print to create a variation of a print placement for our 芳(fang) Slit Maxi Dress.I had to make sure that the petals and flowers fall at the right position on the dress which was time-consuming as the factory and I revised on it quite a few times before setting on the final product.

This time round, I went an extra mile and decided to try out embroidery. Using the the same flowers of 芳(fang), I created little florets, waltzing in the wind. The embroidery design comes in two palette for you to choose from : Teal/Pink for something more girly and pastel, Ash Blue/Mustard for a bolder and playful vibes.

I'm so glad that I created 芳(fang) and even more delighted that many of you like it. With 芳(fang), i think it kinda of created a new space and boundary for me to explore different kind of floral/nature prints.

Like floras, seemingly frail but they all eventually will come to bloom vibrantly. May your new year be vibrant and I hope you will enjoy the small and good moments that come your way.