July Studio: Foliage

Tue, 2019-10-29

Honestly, I am hesitant on whether I should continue sharing my print process with you all, because of I am afraid the it creates a loophole for any unwanted negativity. But one of you guys mentioned to me that, she found it interesting to be able to understand and have a peek into how I conceptualised each print.

So I am plucking up my courage to continue where I left off.

Foliage is a print heavily inspired by eucalyptus leaves. Very often, while helping my aunts, who are florists - coming across the refreshing scent of eucalyptus would always get me feeling relaxed and calm. At the end of day, the smell of the leaves would linger around till I returned home. So much so, I would be a little reluctant to wash my hands just so I can have the scent around for a little while. The cute rounds shapes that I illustrated out, adding on some organic tones that I thought was befitting to what I wanted to translate into this print, Foliage. 


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