July Studio: Sparks.

Mon, 2018-12-31

look in.
a glimmer.
lone, yet glowing.

look out.
sparks everywhere.
together, in awe.

Ideas come in spark too. After a conversation with a friend about sparks, existence and essence. One thing lead to another and I thought about the fireworks festival I saw on a recent trip to Korea. Sparks was then made almost immediately within an afternoon. On paper first, I painted what I thought look like sparkles. Paint colours that were used were colours that reminded me of fireworks, sparks and the night sky - blues, reds and orange.

Some of the palettes that I created for this print - Taking in some reference from vintages hues and also, colours from Wes Anderson movies. Wes Anderson movies always comes in a comfortable muted vintage pastel tones that I really liked. You know which made it to the final cut. 

Sparks, explores the idea of the potentiality of oneself. We are all creators. Igniting a spark, seeking for a glimmer or finding an idea, hoping to catalyse a change, no matter how small it may be. Like a star, striving to sparkle brightly among the skies. Yet, our essence and existence are interwoven with others - embedded in something greater and grander when together. After all, we are all a stardust in this vast universe.

As the year come to a closure soon, We hope all of you to put away the bad and embrace the new year with a fresh start. May 2019 be filled with better and greater things. We do have more things lining up in 2019, so do stick around with us.

Happy New Year to all of you ! 


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