July Studio: Spirited

Tue, 2018-11-20

Dancing around, landing on unexpected grounds.

Solid organic shapes,
Re-defined lines,
Overlaying each other.

Spirit away,
endless possibilities of what could be.

It is extra nerve-wrecking as I worked on this print for afterjuly's debut collection. I wanted something that would reflect on what I hope for the brand and at the same time for myself as a creative. I thought about various concepts on what afterjuly would be like - and I settled on the idea of possibilities. To expect the unexpected, to think out of the box constantly.

Thus, Spirited centers around the concept of creating endless possibilities by using a single shape. Overlaying solid shapes and defined lines, I sought to unleash the boundaries confined by the definition of how a circle would look like. Full of vigour and spontaneity, the organic shapes dance around and land at unexpected spaces; creating a piece of print that is filled with liveliness and playfulness.

Inspiration comes in many forms. While creating spirited, I started off doodling on paper, compiling several ideas before tweaking and modifying into the final piece. Browsing works of others also contributed to the inspiration. 

Choosing the colours is probably one of my favourite part of the print-making process. There were a variety of colours created in the process, but here's just some short-listed ones. We hope you managed to find some familiar colour palette! Which is your favourite?

I hope through sharing our little creative process, it gives a little humble insight into what goes into the print-making and creative process here at the studio.

As corny it sounds, I believe in curating original prints and art and creation. I try to make a deliberate effort to produce honest and genuine work. Liken to the concept behind spirited, we are up for the constant challenge to come up with fresh prints, creating endless possibilities in our work. 

Spiriting away,